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The Music Listening Project is a research study, funded by Humber College to the tune of $20,000 in association with the EPO, and is the brainchild of EPO concertmaster, and Humber Professor, Mark Whale. It asks the question: what is the value of “learning to love … music?”


Current research into the “meaning” of music focuses on the brain. Neuroscientists tell us we receive neuro-chemical rewards for making correct musical predictions in music that is familiar to us. This explains why we “love” music we “love” but does it explain why we should try to “love” music we do not (immediately) “love?”


The project goes live in March, 2019. Sign up NOW (on October 19th or November 23rd) and access podcasts for all our upcoming concerts as they become available.


Participants will listen to a podcast in the week before each of the final two concerts of the season, attend the live performances, and fill in four online surveys. Total time commitment (excluding concert attendance) will be about 150 minutes.


EPO audience members, who have Internet access!


Research Assistants will be available at the October 19th and November 22nd concerts to answer questions and provide consent forms.

The Music Listening Project has been approved by Humber’s Research Ethics Board. Data to be collected is of a non-sensitive nature, will be anonymous and will be deleted in July 2020. Withdrawal from the project is possible at anytime without negative consequences. Contact details, collected by the project team, will be strictly confidential.

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